Knights of Columbus donates funds to SSC


STANDISH — The Standish Knights of Columbus recently donated $1,652.70 to the Standish-Sterling Community School District through its Tootsie Roll sale.

According to SSC Superintendent Darren Kroczaleski, The Knights of Columbus have been donating funds from the Tootsie Roll sale for years, but a winter storm occurred the same weekend the sale was going on. Nevertheless, he said the community was supportive and generous.

The proceeds from the sale go primarily to the school’s special education, he said.

“It helps the special education programs and students,” Kroczaleski said. “We are appreciative of their efforts in supporting our students.”

The funds are used on an individual, case-by-case basis, Kroczaleski said, when the school would be unable to provide for the students’ needs otherwise. He said the money is used to purchase special equipment or materials needed by specific students for their studies.

Other materials include computer software and supplies, and learning aids, Kroczaleski said.

“Each student has different needs, so this helps them meet those needs,” Kroczaleski said.

Kroczaleski wrote in a press release “The generosity of the Knights of Columbus demonstrates a sincere interest in helping youth succeed,” adding that they are responsible for other school programs, including a free-throw shooting contest and a soccer challenge contest, which see widespread participation among students.



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