King Plaza brings business downtown

Tim Barnum
The King Plaza in downtown Standish features several businesses.
Tim Barnum
Barb Nelson and her son Jerry have begun preparing taxes out of their business in the plaza, after Barb did taxes out of her home for 33 years.

STANDISH — The recently completed King Plaza in downtown Standish has allowed businesses that had previously operated out of homes or offices in other parts of the city to move downtown.

Kevin King, owner of the plaza, said the reason he and his wife, Natalee King, decided to invest in the property and building was to give her a place to run her business, Animal Crackers Daycare and Preschool.

“Natalee started Animal Crackers from the ground up, and she was renting a building,” he said. “When you start thinking about retirement, things of that nature, you have a business for 30 years, and when you retire you want something for it. By renting, you can’t sell a daycare if you don’t own the building.”

Kevin said Barriger Builders started construction of the building Sept. 5, 2013, and had it completed about a month ahead of schedule, allowing occupancy permits to be issued Dec. 1 for businesses interested in operating in the plaza. Kevin said when he first started talking about the project with Howard Barriger, the owner of Barriger Builders, they discussed office options and the possibility of having other businesses located in the plaza building.

“Sure enough, we had those occupied before the building even started to break ground,” he said. “So it worked out pretty well.”

The plaza houses Animal Crackers, Nelson Accounting Service and the Broughton and Sprague Law Firm.

Kevin said Nelson Accounting Service started working out of the building in early December.

Out of the house

Jerry Nelson, who owns Nelson Accounting Service with his mother Barb Nelson, said Barb had done accounting from her home for 33 years, and he had been doing corporate taxes since 1997.

However, Jerry recently decided to do individual taxes like Barb has for many years, and wants to be prepared when Barb retires.

“In a few years she wants to step out, and she knew I was interested in stepping in at some time, and the time was right,” he said. “Now we have some time where we can overlap. I can draw from her experience and she can draw from some of my experience.”

While making the decision to stop preparing taxes out of the home, Jerry said he and Barb wanted to make sure they were in a location with good exposure and in a business district.

“This has always been commercial-residential in this area,” he said. “Dr. Graves had his optometrist practice along with his house here for years. It’s close to the school. It’s close to town. We wanted to stay in town.”

“This was going to be a new building and a great location, and I’ve known Kevin for many years, so it just works out perfect,” Jerry said.

Kevin said he and Natalee bought the property about five years ago, looking to develop it over time.

“This was kind of a five-year plan,” he said. “We bought Dr. Graves’ property about five years ago. We demolished it, and we had this plan in the works and we had a couple of phases for the financial phase of it.”

King Plaza is located at 413 E. Cedar Street.


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