Just my luck


Do you believe in luck, fate or destiny?

I’m not sure how I feel about the concept of luck. I’ll admit, sometimes I feel like some people simply get all the good fortune, while others receive all the bad fortune.

And of course, my opinion is that most of the time those who get dealt the winning hands don’t really deserve them.

I also don’t believe the people who get dealt losing hand after losing hand (me) really deserve them either.

Let me explain.

At times I feel like my life is a 3D slideshow of Murphy’s Law. Imagine seeing it in a theater.

(Read in movie voiceover guy voice.)

“Coming this winter… in stunning 3D… Tim Barnum is… the guy whose car goes in the ditch.”

Cut to me swerving and losing control of my car, ultimately landing in the ditch. The camera follows me as I exit the car and survey the damage, and follows with a close-up of me staring into the sky.


Now, I realize I exaggerated that scenario a little bit, and this winter I haven’t actually even been close to the ditch (credit for that probably belongs to Mother Nature more than me).

While there have been other instances of my luck going by the wayside, I want to describe the latest instance on the phenomenon of misfortune.

Here’s the quick backstory. I had a pair of sunglasses I bought in California that I really liked. They weren’t expensive, but they served as a link to several great memories.

Basically, I lost them. I scoured my car up and down, backtracked, checked my room, my friends’ and sister’s car, but I could not find them.

You’re probably thinking, “What’s so strange about that?”

But I’m not done yet. The other day my mom was showing me something she found in my car. The next time I went to my car, what did I see?

My sunglasses!

(I don’t want to go into details about how my car might be a portal that transports items to a parallel dimension, and later transports them back. Different story for a different day.)

I thought my luck was turning around. I found the sentimental shades. Things were going to start happening for me. For the next two days I wore them and a smile everywhere I went.

Three days after the sunglasses were rediscovered, I got out of my car to go into the gym for a workout. I nonchalantly set the shades on the driver’s seat. After about 90 minutes, I was done at the gym. I jumped in my car, and drove about 100 feet across the road to get gas.

With my gas tank full, I opened my door to get back in my car and head home.

My sunglasses were sitting on the seat. Still.





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