Incoming and returning commissioners look to the future



ARENAC COUNTY — As Virginia Zygiel and Jeff Trombley take their places on the Arenac County Board of Commissioners, they, as well as the returning commissioners, are hoping for a smooth transition onto the new board.

Zygiel, who is replacing former commissioner Raymond Daniels, has served as an Arenac County commissioner in the past. She said she decided to run after learning that Daniels was not running for re-election.

“I decided to run when Mr. Daniels withdrew,” Zygiel said. "Daniels did a good job, and if he hadn’t withdrawn, I wouldn’t have (run).”

Zygiel said her previous experience as a commissioner and a lifetime spent in Arenac County have prepared her for the responsibility of the office.

“I knew I had enough experience,” Zygiel said. “I’ve lived in Arenac County my whole life, and I’ve worked in Arenac County my whole life.”

Zygiel said she served as Arenac County commissioner from 1997 until 2006. She said that, while the current commissioners came onto the board after she left, she expects to have a good working relationship with the rest of the board.

“I’ll be working with a new board,” Zygiel said. “I foresee a good relationship working with all of them. I’ve just got to go in and start looking things over again.”

Trombley is replacing former commissioner Ronald Branda. He said he served as Standish Township supervisor from 1996 until 2008, which he said he feels has prepared him for the responsibilities of the office of county commissioner.

Trombley said he thinks he will enjoy serving as county commissioner.

“I like politics,” Trombley said. “After 12 years as supervisor, you have to like it a little bit.”

Arenac County Commissioner Joseph Sancimino said he does not foresee any problems in working with the incoming commissioners.

“I think we’re all going to work pretty well,” Sancimino said. “I’m really pretty optimistic about it. As long as we keep the communication lines open, I think we’ll be all right.”

Sancimino said the returning board members intend on continuing the same course they were on when Daniels and Branda left.

“We’re all pretty much committed to the policies we had before,” Sancimino said. “We made it clear to the new members the course we want to follow in the new year.”

Sancimino said all of the commissioners seemed focused on the road ahead.

“Everyone has got their eye on the ball, and people are optimistic,” Sancimino said.

Arenac County Commissioner Michael Snyder said both Trombley and Zygiel will bring something different to the board.

“Each brings a unique piece,” Snyder said.

Snyder said Trombley, who owns and operates a dairy farm, will bring experience from the agricultural community to the board.

“I consider that a plus, someone to speak on behalf of the agricultural community,” Snyder said.

Snyder said Zygiel will be a welcome addition to the board, as she has served as a commissioner in the past. However, he said she will be faced with a challenge as she takes on the responsibilities of the position, as much has changed since she last served.

“Virginia was on the board quite some time,” Snyder said. “The only difficulty with that situation is that so much has changed.”

Snyder said he felt the board had an excellent working relationship while Daniels and Branda were in office, and would like to see more of the same.

“My hopes are we can develop the same kind of relationship with these new people,” Snyder said.

Arenac County Commissioner Robert Luce said he would like to see the board continue to function as it has.

“It’s running smoothly,” Luce said. “I expect it will continue to run smoothly.”

Luce said he is looking forward to working with the incoming commissioners, and hopes to see good things come from the new board.

“I look forward to good things,” Luce said. “I wish us all the luck in the world.”


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