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I’m no feminist or anything…


But what were some male celebrities thinking over the recent weeks?

Exhibit A: Chris Brown.

Mr. Brown is a great dancer, competent vocalist and, as most singers these days, the R&B/pop star has dabbled in acting.

But exhibit A, mind you, also recently was found to be quite the aggressive type, when he beat and choked his former girlfriend, former R&B/pop star, the beautiful Rihanna (the Umbrella, ella, ella girl).

That’s bad enough, but when the most powerful woman… make that person, in the world, Oprah, said Rihanna needed to give Brown the keys to the street for good, Chris though he needed to fire back. He said some stuff about how Oprah had him do a benefit concert for her in the past, so she shouldn’t be talking about him.

Ummm, Chris, one, I don’ think Oprah is going to be asking anymore favors from you in the future. And two, do you want to lose all of your female fans? I mean, no doubt the groupie count is going to go down, as I’m sure many venues will boycott you and those that don’t, well, I don’t know if the ladies there will be fighting for backstage passes.


Exhibit B: Kanye West.

Rappers are known for being egotistical, it’s part of the game. Some rappers are also known for being political or outspoken about social issues. Kanye covers both ends of this spectrum, but common entertainment knowledge on him is, that above all, he’s cocky.

So when your ego’s not in check and you don’t think the teenage country songstress Taylor Swift deserves an MTV VMA award, what do you do?

Not what Kanye did. You don’t jump on stage and take her microphone, and then proceed to say how you think Beyonce should’ve gotten the award that Taylor did on live TV.

By the way, Kanye, moron, Beyonce later went on to win Video of the Year… but of course you weren’t there anymore.

For those who did stick around, they were fortunate to see Beyonce do the exact opposite of what you did, show a little, no, make that a lot, of class. She brought Taylor Swift on stage to accept the award the right way, by getting a chance to thank all those who helped her.

No mic ripped out of her hand.

And Kanye, your last album was horrible. Plus, Taylor Swift is a teenage girl. I’ve known a few growing up, and embarrassing them in front of a crowd of thousands and a television audience of millions probably doesn’t help their self-esteem.

So in closing, Kanye, Chris Brown, one thing.

Shut up.

Or at least save it for Britney Spears.

tim barnum


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Why can't Chris Brown express his thoughts? Isn't this a free country? He's serving his debt to society. I think what's lost in all of this is that he was also provoked before he committed his actions. I think that's why he wasn't sentenced harsher. That still doesn't give him any right to do what he did but I have no problem with him telling Oprah where to stick it. Why is she involved anyways? She needs to keep her thoughts to herself.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 | Report this

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