Ice races being held in Bentley Jan. 26

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Ice racers speed around the Valley Trail Riders' track in Bentley.

BENTLEY — The need for speed does not hibernate, and those looking for winter racing action can check out the Valley Trail Riders’ ice races Jan. 26.

Craig Scott, a member of the trail riders, said ice races are intriguing for the same reasons other races are.

“Speed — he same reason you’d watch NASCAR,” he said. “Some people are sitting there hoping to see a crash, but it’s the speed and the competitiveness. This stuff is really no different than watching a track and field event — two guys running around an oval — or a horse race, anything like that.”

Ice races pit dirt bike riders against one another on an oval track made of ice, Scott said. The races will begin at noon, and there will be several races throughout the day, according to Scott.

“You line up the guys and they take off,” he said. “We run heat races and then we run a main race.”

Scott said there are various classes during the event, including the speedy studded class, which includes bikes with studs in the tires for maximum grip.

“They’re very fast and they run just as fast as they do on the dirt,” he said. “Then, there are rubber classes, where they’ll take the tire and they’ll slice it up a bit to grip the ice a little bit, but they run slower. Then we run a rubber tire sidecar class.”

The ice races at Valley Trail Riders grounds are part of a circuit where riders collect points by racing at a few different locations, Scott said. The organization hosted a race Jan. 12, as well, where about 105 racers showed up to compete, he said. With spectators, there were about 300 people on hand, Scott said.

“We were down. Because of that rainstorm, a lot of people didn’t come,” he said. “They didn’t think we were going to have good ice. We had good enough ice. We usually bring in more than that.”

There is a $10 gate fee to watch the races. For more information, contact the Valley Trail Riders at 989-879-6397, or via email at

The club grounds are located at 4957 E. Brown Road in Bentley.


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