Hollywood happenings aren't news

By Jessie Tobias
Staff Writer


When did news stations become so interested in celebrity lifestyles and events?

It seems like recently, I can’t turn around without hearing about who’s divorcing whom. I can’t believe that the recent Golden Globe awards have been a topic on my local morning newscast for a few days now.

Does the public care so much about Hollywood events that news stations think we need to be updated during our local news briefs?

Personally, I couldn’t care less who’s gone into rehab for the first or 15th time. If I had been interested in the Golden Globe awards, I would have watched them on TV, or used the Internet to look up the results. Even then, I probably wouldn’t have been very emotionally involved in the results. I never hear half the songs, or watch half the movies that any of these big awards events are honoring.

Even if I happen to hear the results (because I usually don’t go to the effort to find out about the winners myself) my usual response goes like this: “Huh. Good for them.”

It’s disconcerting to realize that I might be in the minority when it comes to viewing the importance of Hollywood news — I have noticed that many people have more vehement opinions when it comes to celebrities’ lives. Some are so involved with following celebrity news that they consider these movie stars, singers, and other public figures to be their “friends.” People like these, who are infatuated with celebrities and what they do during their every waking moments, have probably prompted news stations to add “movie star” news to their rundowns.

I have to say, I find this ridiculous.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter may have made celebrities more accessible for some people. They tweet and post their statuses, giving the public more of an idea of their personalities and opinions. However, I think people who spend their days obsessing over celebrity news are missing the point of “news,” and I really dislike the fact that I’m updated on Hollywood happenings as part of my morning broadcast.

The viewpoint that what movie stars and reality TV figures do affects regular people — and especially regular people in this area — is an illusion. Just because the public gets to see all their dirty laundry, that doesn’t mean we know them, or what they do will impact our lives.

In fact, I probably will never meet a celebrity. My dad talked on the phone with George Lucas once at his work, and that’s probably the closest I’ll come.

And really, I find it hard to reconcile the Hollywood lifestyles we hear about with what goes on in the real world. Sure, the glam lifestyle celebrities live is cool, and they get to wear neat clothes that cost a fortune. But even if they are prominent social and media figures, that doesn’t mean they have any authority over important issues in our nation.

I don’t know if TV news stations and radio stations nowadays think people don’t want to hear any more about tragedy, political bickering and Wall Street corruption, but given a choice, I would rather hear about that than what Snooki had for breakfast.



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