Hillman selected as Standish’s interim city manager

City to continue search for full-time manager



STANDISH — The City of Standish has its interim city manager.

Curt Hillman was selected by the Standish City Council as interim city manager by a vote of 3-2. Council members Clark Sanford and Ed Reno were absent. The position is currently part-time.

Hillman said he was pleased with the council’s decision and is looking forward to taking over the position.

“We are definitely ready to hit the ground running,” he said. “I hope to sit down with (Mayor) Mark Winslow and get the details hammered out.”

Winslow said no date has been set between the council and Hillman to discuss his compensation, but added that a special meeting will be held in the coming weeks.

“The council will have to meet with Curt and approve his compensation,” he said.

Hillman said one of the things he wants to begin work on right away is the city’s financial position.

“Our financial position needs to get better; it has to get better,” he said. “We can’t allow the state to come in here and take us over. We have to find ways to save money and we have to be creative doing so.”

Although the council selected Hillman to step in on a part-time basis, members of the council also expressed that they want to continue a search for a full-time city manager.

“We have to spend money to make money,” said Jerry Nelson, mayor pro-tem. “If it takes us six months, eight months, a year or whatever, we still need a full-time manager.”

Winslow said he will reach out to the Michigan Municipal League, a non-profit organization that supports municipalities across the state, to see what candidates may be available.

“We definitely are going to get some feelers out there to see what is available,” he said.

Hillman, who is the owner of Arenac Abstract and Title and is also the Standish Township Supervisor, said he is interested in pursuing the full-time city manager position.

“I would not have taken this position without thinking there was a future down the road,” he said. “I know we needed an interim manager now, but I would like to go for the full-time position.”

Hillman said he checked with lawyers and legislators on the state and local levels to be sure there would be no conflict with him becoming the Standish city manager at the same time he is the Standish Township supervisor.

“The city manager position is a hired position, while I am in an elected position in Standish Township. Therefore there is no conflict,” he said.

Hillman also said that he would consider selling Arenac Abstract and Title, but at this time he believes that he can handle both positions.

“I have talked with my wife and others about this and I would not have applied if I thought this was something I could not handle,” he said. “If I were to be hired full-time, I would have to look at doing something with my business.”

Not everyone on the city council was supportive of the hiring of Hillman. Council members Charlie Macaulay and Doug Ireland both voted against hiring Hillman but were overruled by the votes of Winslow, Nelson and Tosha Tunney.

“I did not feel comfortable with the strengths of any of the candidates,” Ireland said. “They all had strengths, they all had weaknesses but I do not feel like any of the candidates were a good combination for this job.”

Other candidates who interviewed include Kimberly Karpinski of Sterling, Rodney Neubecker of Alger and Vicky Chmura of Twining.

Hillman said he is ready to get started.

“There are going to be some tough decisions ahead,” he said. “Hopefully we can all work together as a team to get the city of Standish into the best financial situation possible.”


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