High school to perform murder mystery


STANDISH — Students from Standish-Sterling Central High School will hit the stage April 22-24 to perform “Ten Little Indians,” a play by Agatha Christie based on her original novel “And Then There Were None.”

The 16-member cast and crew have been practicing for about 6 1/2 weeks and had five-hour-long rehearsals earlier this week in preparation for the performance.

“It’s challenging technically,” said Judy Harper, the play’s director.

Harper said that there are a lot of scenes that need precise timing and cues, and the actors also have to establish small hints throughout the play for the audience to pick up on.

“Everything will suddenly become clear for the audience at the end of the play,” Harper said.

Harper also said that this particular play was performed back in 1998 and had a good reception from the audience.

“The community really likes murder mysteries,” she said. “We haven’t done a mystery in a while.”

This time around, Harper has changed a few things around within the play. For instance, some roles that were originally played by males are now female roles, she said.

Harper also had the cast take part in some of the set construction.

“They get to appreciate what goes into it,” she said.

The cast members said they really enjoyed the friendships and fun times from working on the play.

“(My favorite thing is) the inside jokes that will be posted on our Facebook pages,” Lauren Selewski said.

“‘Dead people don’t talk’ — that’s one thing we’re always saying,” Jonah LaBeau added.

“Ten Little Indians” is the story of several people who have been invited to join Mr. and Mrs. Owen on an island paradise. The guests find themselves trapped on the island, hearing unnerving secrets from a murderous villain. The guests begin to accuse each other of the crimes, and the audience must piece together subtle clues throughout the play to figure out who really is the killer.

Performances will be April 22-24 at 7 p.m. in the SSC auditorium. A special dessert festival will be held during Saturday night’s intermission. Regular admission is $5 for students and $6 for adults and $8 for students and $10 for adults for those wishing to participate in the dessert festival on Saturday.


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