High levels of e-coli found in Standish

e-coli found in Dopson drain, drinking water not affected


STANDISH — Standish City Manager Mike Moran issued an e-coli alert to the citizens of Standish today.

According to Moran, all residents should stay away from the water in and around Dopson Drain as high e-coli levels have been found in the drain that runs throughout the city.

"We want to advise the community not to go into the (drain). The city mayor, myself, and water and sewage staff met with Larry Davis, who is the Arenac County drain commissioner, this morning," Moran said. "Last week he and the board of health did a check on Dopson Drain. He advised us that the drain has high levels of e-coli."

Though e-coli has been found in the drain, Moran also said that it is important to know that this does not affect the city's drinking water.

"We certainly want to emphasize that children should stay out of (it)," he said about the drain that starts by the library and leaks into the river on Grove St. "It's doesn't have any impact on our water, (which) is pumped from our water station."

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