February 12, 2016

Hearing date set for Steelworkers, county

By John Fischer|Staff writer
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ARENAC COUNTY — After over a year of back and forth negotiation failures between the local Steelworkers Union and Arenac County, a fact finder will hear discussion between the two parties and make recommendations on May 28.

According to Arenac County Labor Relations Manager Bill Borushko, Kathleen Opperwall, of Okemos, is the arbitrator for the meeting.

Borushko says he and the county are still open to meeting with the Steelworkers to resolve the matter beforehand if they would like.

“I’m just hoping for a call to sit down and resolve it,” Borushko said.

Arenac County previously implemented a Steelworker’s Union contract after negotiations had gone sour.

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