February 6, 2016
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Granger facility a move in the right direction

Posted 7/15/09

Some people are getting sick of the green movement, but whether or not they want to admit it, it is a necessary step forward when it comes to the future of energy in the U.S., as well as an important part of national security by helping the country move away from dependence on foreign oil.

And the concept of converting landfill gasses, and basically landfills themselves, to electricity-generating monsters is one of the most creative ways to go green.

Instead of methane, which burns cleaner than coal and crude oil, being emitted into the atmosphere (it is a greenhouse gas), it is helping run refrigerators and light up houses. Plus, since landfills continue to pile up as trash is disposed of, the fuel for energy at facilities such as the Granger station opened in Pinconning Township keeps coming as well.

Wind and solar are clean, but they aren’t as reliable as, well, dirty old trash. Technology has taken us to a place where we can actually make a difference in climate change and air quality, and the people who made the Granger facility possible deserve credit.

Pinconning Township is one of the first municipalities in the area that has a green energy-producing system, and hopefully, it is just the first of many.

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