February 7, 2016
Pine River Golf Course

Golf - PRGC


By ACI staff
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JoAnn & Leo Schultz 51.5

Lorraine and Ray fisher 49.5

Chris and Gene Goike 42.5

Kathy and Ron Johnson 42

Patti and Rob Lee 41

Joan and Gail Kohn 40

Sandy and Cliff Greifenberg 40

Lloyd Philips and Bess 39

Francine and Rich Willett 38

Don Raymond and Gladys Jennings 37.5

Pat and Bill LaForest 35.5

Sharon and John Rajewski 34.5

Barb and Jim Johnson 33.5

Russ Freese and Kathy Fedak 31

Collette and Greg Datzko 30

Dalynn and Chris Elchuk 26.5

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