October 23, 2018

Girl donates to animal shelter for birthday


STANDISH — Instead of asking for toys like most other 10-year-olds, Teresa Wheeler, of Standish, made a slightly different request for her birthday this year.

Teresa asked her friends to donate dog and cat food for Arenac County Animal Control.

“I just wanted to help them with food,” she said.

Teresa donated several bags of dog and cat food, along with kitty litter and dog treats, to animal control on April 19, but this isn’t the first time she has substituted donations in the place of toys.

Around Halloween, she brought food to the Sterling Sportsmen’s Association for them to donate to the shelter. For Christmas, she received a prepaid VISA card and spent it all on dog and cat food for the shelter.

“She has a heart of gold,” her mom, Janell Wheeler, said.

Wheeler said her daughter has also volunteered her time for other causes as well. Last August, Teresa began signing 2,500 Christmas cards to send to troops overseas, and she has also handed out cards and notes at the VA hospital in Saginaw.

Teresa said she wants to continue donating to the animal shelter for a long time into the future. She doesn’t know if her friends will follow her example, but her mother says that she hopes they do.


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