GELC union and county reach agreement


ARENAC COUNTY — Thursday, Dec. 18, the Government Employees Labor Council (GELC), the Arenac County Central Dispatch employees’ union, and Arenac County Labor Relation Manager Bill Borushko hammered out an agreement after nearly four months of what appears to be a series of miscommunications.

According to Borushko, copies of negotiation details sent to GELC Local Unit President Carrie Stodolak were not received, delaying the process for short periods of time throughout the year.

“We had a lot of communication problems,” Borushko said. “But we had a very productive meeting yesterday (Dec. 18) and all of the issues were very quickly resolved. It was a good meeting.”

He says the details of the contract are almost identical to those of the other unions recently negotiated.

“Your basic two and two (percent increase in salary over the next two years), sick leave reimbursement was eliminated and we caught them up in a couple of categories they were historically behind other unions in, like vacation time,” Borushko said of the GELC, which is composed of about 10 members.

He also says the county is hoping to hear from the Steelworkers’ Union soon. The Police Officers Association of Michigan is expected to sign the first workday of the new year, he says.

“That’ll leave the Steelworkers as the only union out there not signed,” Borushko said.

Currently, the local Steelworkers’ Union is looking at a contract implemented by the Arenac County Board of Commissioners, based on the county’s last offer.

This story was reported on on Dec. 19.


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