February 19, 2019
Around the big top

For a basketball player this guy is moving pretty slow


On the basketball court, President Obama, for a man in his mid-40’s, moves pretty well.

Kind of like a seasoned point guard, Jason Kidd, for example.

But when it comes to executing his executive order on closing Guantanamo Bay, this guy is more like Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the Cleveland Cavaliers center who suffers from chronic swollen ankles and sensitive knees.

That’s how it feels ever since we first got word that the Standish Maximum Correctional Facility was being looked at as a possible federal detention center to hold suspected terrorists currently housed in Guantanamo Bay.

There was a site visit, that, we know.

And that’s about it.

People have questions upon questions. They are getting no answers.

Does the president just think everything’s going to magically fall into place? Does he think he can just sign an executive order and then forget about it for eight months and let it take care of itself?

Did he have a plan when he did this?

Seriously, whether you are for or against Gitmo detainees coming to Michigan, or specifically, Standish Max, it isn’t because of anything the Obama Administration has told you.

Because that would be nothing. Oh yeah, there was one thing. They visited the prison.

Boy, thanks for that.

So did California, a state with a Governor whose voice has been mocked more than anyone in the history of Hollywood. At least they got back to us.


KRAAAHHM! (the god from Arnold’s Conan movies)

Yeah, I understand Mr. President, you’ve been busy with healthcare reform. Good thing you couldn’t sign an executive order on that. Sen. Baucus’s lame excuse of reform that’ll go nowhere probably wouldn’t have come out for another year.

We’re in two wars, an economic mess and have countless other problems. We get it. But eight months and this order, something you signed the first day of your presidency, has gotten what, two hours of attention.

White House, tell us something. The people in Standish, no matter how they feel, feel so for different reasons and everyone is unclear as to exactly what’s planned.

And while the decision to house Gitmo detainees in Standish, or to not house Gitmo detainees in Standish, will be sobering for some, I bet it’ll be a weight off their shoulders and they’ll be able to plan their next move.

Right now everyone’s on the edge of their seats.

And for what?

Let us know.


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