Football all-conference selections


All North East Michigan Conference Football

1st Team Offense

Austin Collier, Standish-Sterling, sr.

Matt Bleicher, John Glenn, sr.

Derek Fenwick, Standish-Sterling, jr.

Nate Helm, John Glenn, sr.

Ethan Rosebrugh, Ogemaw Heights, sr.

Anthony Zettel, Ogemaw Heights, so.

Matt Balen, John Glenn, sr.

Tyler Clemons, John Glenn, sr.

Andrew Funsch, Ogemaw Heights, sr.

Jeff Janis, Tawas Area, sr.

Mark Lorence, Standish-Sterling, sr.

1st Team Special Teams

Ty Richards, John Glenn, sr., PK

Jesse Siwek, Tawas Area, jr., P

1st Team Defense

Lucas Foco, Pinconning, jr.

Adam Gulvas, Standish-Sterling, sr.

Conrad Laurion, Ogemaw Heights, sr.

Mitchell McFarland, Standish-Sterling, jr.

Jordan Schumann, John Glenn, jr.

Kyle Scott, Ogemaw Heights, sr.

Nick Thorson, Ogemaw Heights, sr.

Josh Augustine, Standish-Sterling, sr.

Anthony Carollo, Ogemaw Heights, sr.

Walter Glass, Tawas Area, sr.

Kyle Reed, John Glenn, sr.

Brad Sobieray, Standish-Sterling, sr.

Coty Swinson, Pinconning, jr.

2nd Team

John Hughes, Ogemaw Heights, jr.

Steve Moore, Pinconning, sr.

John Berezny, John Glenn, sr.

Derek Ehinger, Ogemaw Heights, sr.

Josh Burton, Ogemaw Heights, sr.

Nick Schultz, Pinconning, sr.

Remington Wright, Tawas Area, jr.

Alex Leslie, Tawas Area, sr.

Alex Schmidt, Standish-Sterling, jr.

Brian Brodt, Tawas Area, sr.

Seth Haas, Pinconning, sr.

Adam Pawelski, Pinconning, sr.

River Peludat, Tawas Area, sr.

Alex Werner, Standish-Sterling, sr.

All North Star League Football

1st Team Offense

Alex Lutz, AuGres-Sims, QB (Most Valuable Player)

Andy Smith, Hillman, QB

Kenneth Englehart, Atlanta, RB

Lance Safford, Hillman, RB

Aaron Smith, Mio, RB

John Cumper, Atlanta, OL

John Hamilton, Hale, OL

Nate Jennings, AuGres-Sims, OL

Justin Kann, Mio, OL

Justin Makowski, Mio, OL

Greg Teets, Atlanta, OL

Travis Byard, AuGres-Sims, WR

Kyle Gingerich, AuGres-Sims, WR

Chad Taylor, AuGres-Sims, WR

Caleb Whitney, Arenac Eastern, at-large

1st Team Special Teams

Kyle Gingerich, AuGres-Sims

Rick Voss, Atlanta

1st Team Defense

Joseph Baldwin, Mio, DL

John Hamilton, Hale, DL

Justin Kann, Mio, DL

Corey Hentkowski, Posen, DE

Nick Katterman, Hale, DE

Aaron Kososky, Mio, DE

Charlie Baur, Hillman, LB

Zach Dieleman, AuGres-Sims, LB

Kenneth Englehart, Atlanta, LB

Cody Stoll, Hale, LB

Drew Compau, Hale, DB

Kyle Gingerich, AuGres-Sims, DB

Tyler Krajniak, Posen, DB

Christian Mudry, Hale, DB

Nathan Trapp, at-large, AuGres-Sims

2nd Team Offense

Graham Morgan, Arenac Eastern, RB

Rick Voss, Atlanta, RB

Michael Kososky, Mio, QB

Joseph Baldwin, Mio, OL

Kyle Shanks, AuGres-Sims, OL

Dylan Stefani, Mio, OL

Nathan Trapp, AuGres-Sims, OL

Scott Couture, Posen, WR

Colton Liddell, AuGres-Sims, WR

Kevin Tracey, Hillman, WR

Aaron Romel, Posen, at-large

2nd Team Special Teams

Nick Gross, Atlanta

Kevin Tracey, Hillman

2nd Team Defense

Jeremiah Burger, Hillman, DL

Trevor Davidson, AuGres-Sims, DL

James Novak, Posen, DL

Dylan Stefani, Mio, DL

Nate Jennings, AuGres-Sims, DE

Graham Morgan, Arenac Eastern, LB

Garrett Price, Mio, LB

Aaron Romel, Posen, LB

Nathan Street, Posen, LB

Ethan Baur, Hillman, DB

Greg Hardy, Atlanta, DB

Zac Pillars, Mio, DB

Rick Voss, Atlanta, DB

Chris Chisley, Hillman, at-large

Honorable Mention Offense

Dillon Mowery, Hillman, at-large

Honorable Mention Defense

Chris Chisley, Hillman, LB

Michael Kososky, Mio, LB

Justin Makowski, Mio, LB

Nathan Trapp, AuGres-Sims, LB

Nick Phelan, Arenac Eastern, at-large


Players from Whittemore-Prescott and Oscoda won't be found on any all-league lists since their schools don't belong to a conference. While this list is not an official one, the players below deserve recognition for fine seasons that would have had them challenging for all-league recognition.

Matt Ackerman, Whittemore-Prescott, HB/CB

Justin Cain, Oscoda, QB/WR/DB

Kevin Hill, Oscoda, LB

Tristan Kohlhoff, Whittemore-Prescott, TE/DE/LB

Adam Parada, Whittemore-Prescott, C/DT

Billy Raushi, Whittemore-Prescott, WR/S

Tom Schonfeld, Oscoda,

Austin Swanson, Whittemore-Prescott, QB/CB


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