Few elections affect county in May


ARENAC COUNTY — On May 5, select Arenac County residents will be hitting the polls to vote in school board elections, a city council election and a millage renewal for select townships.

According to Arenac County Clerk Ricky Rockwell, as of April 23, one candidate, Dr. Leonard LeClair, a current member of the Standish-Sterling Community Schools (S-S) Board of Education, had filed as a write-in for one school board seat.

Rockwell says the S-S polls will show the position being voted on, then simply show a blank line to write in the name of the candidate.

In AuGres, electors will get a chance to vote on one city council position on the first Tuesday in May, says Rockwell. Currently, one candidate, Bob Woolever, has filed to fill the spot on AuGres City Council.

For some community members in Whitney Township, May 5 offers up a chance to vote for two school board positions in the Tawas Area Schools District. Four candidates – Craig Hahn, Jeffrey Chadwick, Elaine Brown and Bill Britt – had filed as of Thursday.

Clayton and Mason township residents will also be voting in May when they hit the polls in regards to the Whittemore-Prescott Schools District (W-P) Non-Homestead millage renewal (18-mills). According to Rockwell, the non-homestead millage collection, 18-mills assessed to district residents for properties without homesteads, is necessary for W-P to receive its state foundation grant (per pupil allowance). He says if the district doesn’t pass the non-homestead millage, it can’t receive its state money, since the non-homestead money is collected by the district, forwarded to the state, and then some of the money is returned to the district.

“You get less money back (then collected in the assessment),” Rockwell said. “It’s a wash, but you got to do it.”

Rockwell added that later this year, in November, the cities of Standish and Omer will also hold elections for several positions, including mayor and city council seats. The filing deadline for candidates seeking Omer or Standish positions is in June.

For more information on the May 5 election, call the Arenac County Clerk’s office at 989-846-4626 or call your local township or city hall.


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