Fairview too much for AuGres-Sims


FAIRVEIW — Fairview proved to be too much for the AuGres-Sims girls basketball team Thursday night, as the girls returned home with a loss, 60-40.

“We played well as a team,” said coach Steve Gingrich.

However, he said, turnovers may have cost the girls the game.

“We had 35 shots and 35 turnovers,” Gingrich said. “I think they played a little bit too wreckless.”

Gingrich said several of the girls this year are playing their first time on a varsity team.

Top scorers for AuGres were Samara Nenadov with 10 points and Lindsay Morrison with nine points.

Gingrich said the girls need to work on control.

“Most of my players need to work on ball handling,” he said. However, he added, he was impressed with their persistent play.

“They didn’t give up no matter what,” Gingrich said.

AE will next face off against Posen on Monday. Gingrich said it’s going to be a much different game than Thursday’s.

“Posen is a bigger team,” Gingrich said. They have four players taller than anyone on our time. It will be more of a size issue than a speed issue.”


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