E-911 donates three computers to county


ARENAC COUNTY — Arenac County is the beneficiary of the county E-911 department’s donation of three used computers.

The Arenac County Board of Commissioners approved a motion accepting that donation at its April 6 meeting. According to Gail Seder of the Board of Commissioners’ office, two of those computers will be used in the board offices, while the county’s Emergency Management Department will use the other one. She said the E-911 department plans to keep another used computer as a spare.

The board also approved an upgrade of the computers at a cost of $87 plus labor, as well as the installation of geographic information software in one of the computers, at a cost of $167 plus labor.

In other business at the meeting, the board also revised its county vehicle policy. Seder said the previous policy stated the two actual county vehicles are a van and a Mercury, while the revised policy refers to them as simply county vehicles, without naming the type of vehicles. Seder said all other aspects of the policy would remain intact.

The board also rescinded a motion from its March 2 meeting that would have allowed members of outside boards to use county vehicles. Seder said that use of those vehicles would remain restricted to county employees.


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