Downtown supermoto replaced by freestyle stunt show

Lack of riders forced cancelation of event

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Jason Rowe of the Ives Brothers Stunt Show becomes completely disconnected from his motorcycle during a trick at last year's Ogemaw Hills Bike Week. The Ives Brothers will perform downtown this year in place of the canceled supermoto race.

WEST BRANCH — There will be no supermoto race on the streets of West Branch this year, but that doesn’t mean there will be a shortage of action on Houghton Avenue July 19 during Ogemaw Hills Bike Week.

Bike Week Chairman Kerry Klug told the Herald July 9 that a lack of signups for racers for the supermoto race forced the cancelation of the event.

“The rider base has dwindled down to nothing this year,” Klug said. “We had 55 riders a couple years ago when we first brought the race to town, and now we only had six sign up.”

The race will be replaced with a freestyle stunt show, Klug said. The Ives Brothers, who performed at Bike Week last year, will bring their freestyle ramp downtown to entertain the crowd. Klug said details still need to be worked out, but they are hoping to have someone who can perform back flips as well.

The street bike stunt team GRS Finest out of Grand Rapids will also perform downtown.

“We still want everyone to come,” Klug said. “It will still be a very exciting show with aerials and street stunt riders. We’ll still have the bike show down on the other end. It will be an exciting evening for everyone that would have normally come.”

More information will be announced later this week, such as start times for the events. They will still be free to the public.


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