Dirt bike racers to hit the trails during enduros Aug. 2-3


BENTLEY — Dirt bike riders will race through close to 100 miles of trails during the Valley Trail Riders’ enduro races Aug. 2-3.

Craig Scott of the Valley Trail Riders said Saturday’s race is a family enduro race called “The Weed Whacker” that features riders young and old.

“We’ve even got some less than 7 years old,” he said. “A lot of the kids around 5 years old ride on the bike with dad.”

The family race sticks close to the club grounds, as participants will race across a 30-mile course through a forest area on private property, Scott said. He said the race is not extremely competitive, as the average speed is about 12 miles per hour.

“They’ll have some breaks along the way and stuff like that,” he said.

“We trophy all the kids,” Scott said. “It’s a pretty neat event for the kids.”

The race is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. and takes about three hours to complete, according to Scott.

Sunday’s race is more competitive, Scott said. The race travels across approximately 60 miles of private property, he said.

“It’ll start at our club and go north, and we go all the way north of Sterling Road,” he said.

Each section has different lengths, and at times riders will have to travel across public roads to get to the next section, Scott said.

“There will be seven timed sections in the course of the events,” he said. “Anytime we’re traveling down the road, though, it’s not a timed section. The bikes follow the law.”

Bikes will race in groups of four, and each group will take off one minute after the group in front of it, Scott said. The race, called “The Bark Buster,” is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. and will take five to six hours to complete, Scott said.

The Bark Buster draws riders from all over Michigan and surrounding states, Scott said.

“I’ve already got some pre-entries from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, and Michigan of course,” he said. “They’re coming from all points of the state.”

Scott said last year’s family enduro race included about 150 riders, and the competitive race featured about 130 racers.

Property owners who have allowed the race to go across their land have started to gather to watch the race, and the enduro races have started to draw bigger crowds, Scott said.

“We’re getting more and more to come out to have picnics and watch it at different points,” he said. “The participation is really neat.”

The races are free for spectators. For more information, visit thevalleytrailriders.org or call Scott at 989-329-2830.


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