Cruiser club pleased with Rock-n-Roll Weekend



AuGRES — The 18th annual Rock-n-Roll Weekend was a success according to members of the AuGres Cruiser Car Club.

Cruiser President Dennis Nixon said he thought the event, held July 30 and 31, was a success.

“Everything went really good this year,” he said. “I think that people appreciated the effort of those who worked the event, and they appreciated the event itself.”

Nixon said he estimated that around 365 cars participated in the car cruise on Saturday, July 30. He added that around 200 cars were on display at the Sunday car show.

To make the number of car cruise participants more manageable, Nixon said the club made a requirement a few years ago that cars should be at least 25 years old to participate.

“We used to have around 425 cars at the cruise,” he said. “We just did not have the room for all of those vehicles at one time.”

One event that saw growth in the number of competitors and spectators was the second annual burnout contest. Nixon said improvements made to the burnout area made the event more of an attraction for everyone.

“Last year we had a trailer for the cars to do their burnouts on,” he said. “A lot of competitors were afraid the trailer was not safe and could do damage to their vehicles. This year we had a (concrete) section we created and everyone was pleased.”

Nixon said if the event continues to grow the club might look at limiting the number of participants.

“We can only have so many people participate at one time,” he said.

Cruiser member Dick Hill said he was happy with the entire weekend.

“I feel like the crowd was down in some areas, but overall this was a good year,” he said.

Hill said the Arenac County Sheriff’s Department and the AuGres City Police kept everyone safe, preventing drivers from doing burnouts and driving recklessly during the car cruise.

“I did not see anyone trying to drive reckless,” he said. “The police departments did an excellent job watching out.”

Nixon said the numbers have not yet been totaled to see how much money was raised. He added that the club will give a check to the AuGres-Sims Band during the Homecoming football game this year.

“The band had around 35 kids helping us out,” he said. “We are glad to give the money to them.”


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