February 13, 2016

County ups fines for illegal baiting


ARENAC COUNTY — Last year the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) enacted a ban on baiting deer in an effort to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease and Arenac County is increasing the fine for those caught violating the ban by more than 100-percent.

“We’re going to set the fines for a first offense to $500 this year,” said 81st District Court Judge Allen Yenior. “We were at $150 last year.”

Yenior, who says the fine amounts were set after a meeting between district court, DNR officers and county prosecution, says there weren’t many fines charged for illegal baiting last year due to difficulties in tracking down offenders, but adds that he hopes the increased costs will curb baiting. He also added that if the higher fines can stop some baiting, it should open up more time for conservation officers to focus on other issues, since year during deer season, there were many baiting complaints.

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