Council members consider another recycling plan


STANDISH — After members of the audience rejected the idea of paying a citywide fee for recycling through Rewards for Recycling last month, the city council is looking at other ways that residents can recycle.

City Manager Mike Moran said he contacted the company about the city’s decision to not go with the suburban-Detroit-based company.

“I did contact Rewards for Recycling and told them that it looks like we will not be doing a program with them at this time,” he said during Thursday’s meeting.

The new program, which was presented by Kristine Detroyer of Sunrise Recycling, would have the city buying recycling bags for $2.50 each.

The city would then recoup that cost by selling the bags to citizens who want to recycle for the same price.

Residents could then recycle plastic and cardboard and drop the bags off at Arenac Opportunities.

Detroyer suggested selling 400 bags to the city at a time for $1,000, even though she said they may be able to do a smaller order of around 200.

“It’s not exactly a cost; only (the city) spends the money and then the money comes back to you. Most people will probably come and buy 5-10 bags at a time,” said Detroyer to the Council. “Fifty cents of that would go to Arenac Opportunities and the other $2 would go to our transportation. If the program flops, we’ll buy back the bags.”

Citing financial issues, Moran said that they would have to take a look at their budget before they decide on this issue.

“We don’t have to make a decision tonight,” he said. “We have to look at our budget, and we all know how that looks.”

Other business at the meeting included talk of whether the city can afford to pay the $1,046 membership fee to be a part of the Heritage Route Authority, and the spending of $150 to determine the cost of a one-time adjustment for the Municipal Employee’s Retirement System Cost of Living Adoption process.

The council also talked about the use of money from the city’s street fund for the removal of a tree at 204 S. James Street.


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