Colleges look to aid in potential federal prison training



STANDISH — The purchase of Standish Maximum Correctional Facility by federal officials is still up in the air, but local community colleges say they are interested in the possibility of helping train federal correction officials.

When news broke about the potential purchase of Standish Max, Chuck Hinman, instructor of criminal justice at Kirtland Community College in Roscommon, said he went to his boss.

“I told him, if this happens, we need to get involved,” he said.

Hinman, a former jail administrator in Gladwin County, said he would love to be involved helping prepare federal correction officers.

“I know that they (federal officials) have their own training programs, but we would love to help if we could,” he said.

Hinman added that being involved with a federal prison would be a great thing for the prison, as well as Kirtland.

“We offer 15 hours of core courses for (students) to become state corrections officers,” he said. Hinman added that Kirtland has five core courses for students, but students cannot become corrections officers until they pass further exams at their state academy.

Hinman said that he is unsure of the federal officials regulations, but he knows those regulations are different from those at the state level.

Leanne Govitz, director of marketing and public information at Delta College in Bay City, said Delta has not had any internal talks about the potential of training of federal corrections officials.

She said, that as of right now, Delta has nothing in the works for training officers to work in a federal prison, but added that Delta would be interested.

“We would love to have that conversation,” she said. “We are interested in helping train people for specific jobs. We have done some custom things in the past and have worked with places like community hospitals.”

Delta currently offers a police academy and features local training with local institutions.

Hinman said that he will stay ready and waiting for any further developments.

“If anything comes out of this, I want to knock on their (federal officials’) door and say, ‘Hi,’” he said.


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