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I recently watched a clip from the “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” where he showed some “flip-flopping” by GOP members and supporters.

It was pretty funny. And startling.

The first highlighted Republican was the evil genius, Karl Rove, whose strategic advice played a large part in getting Bush reelected.

Basically, Rove was shown in an interview praising Vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s record of serving as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, a city of just over 9,000 people. Rove said McCain’s selection of Palin was admirable and justifiable. He heralded her experience.

Hold the phone, though Karl. You were also shown just a few weeks ago saying a speculative Obama choice, Tim Kaine, Governor of Virginia, wasn’t a good choice for VP because prior to being Governor, he was mayor of Richmond, VA., a city of about 200,000. A city you mocked for its size.

Hmmm. Seems a little backwards to me. But Tim Kaine isn’t in VP talks anymore after the Biden pick, so let’s move forward.

The next victim of Stewart’s jokes wasn’t really a Republican, but he is one of my personally most despised people of all time, Bill O’Reilly.

Before I review O’Reilly’s statements, let me just get this in the open. I absolutely, positively cannot stand this man, but sometimes watch him even though I swear I never will.

Also, before I get into O’Reilly’s statements, let me just say I do not hold anything against Governor Palin for her 17-year-old daughter being pregnant, nor should anyone else. Things happen, and just because this is a presidential race, that doesn’t mean the family life of anyone involved in the race should be ridiculed or attacked.

Back to the matter at hand.

In a nutshell, O’Reilly says Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy should not be judged by Democrats or media members and that it in no way means Sarah is a bad mother or at fault.

In a very rare moment, let me say …. I agree with Billo on this one. Parents are always taking the rap.

But of course, last year, when Britney Spears’ equally insensible teenage sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, was revealed to be pregnant, O’Reilly called it a complete failure by the parents. They were totally at fault for that one according to the obnoxious bully (in case you ever see this Bill, you should know people usually talk very, very loud when they want to sound smart but really aren’t).

Once again, do the words double standard mean anything to Bill? Only when he’s using them against someone else I guess. Palin gets a pass, but the elder Spears don’t.

That’s what he calls “fair and balanced.”

This is a guy who I’ve heard say girls out late at night have it coming if they get raped, amongst other outrageous statements and proven lies, so sorry if my dislike for him offends you.

I don’t take any of it back.

The Jon Stewart clips, which you may have forgotten about by now but this whole column was born of them, also show GOP supporters Dick Morris and Sean Hannity (who to me is about as useful as O’Reilly) saying attacks on Palin are sexist and then show him in a clip from last year poking fun at Hillary when her supporters said attacks against her were sexist.

In fact, Morris was even eloquent enough to say that whenever Hillary was attacked, she hides behind the apron strings.

Wow. Way to stick to your guns Dick.

Now you may be wondering why I went through the trouble to bring all these things to light. It’s not because I hate Republicans. I think several Republicans past and present, both nationally and locally, such as 97th District Representative Tim Moore, have done great things on many levels.

So get those “he’s a crazy liberal!” thoughts out of your head. That’s not the case. What I really want people to get out of this whole long rambling is one thing.

I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly.


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