Clayton Township working on trash pickup services for interested residents


CLAYTON TWP. — Property owners who want trash pickup in Clayton Township may be able to receive the service.

Clayton Township Supervisor Raymond Daniels said a discussion about garbage services started in the township about three years ago, but not all taxpayers are interested in the service and many people in the township were against it. Daniels said the township sent out surveys gauging interest from the taxpayers.

“We sent out surveys, 500 surveys, and asked the people that were interested to send them back,” he said. “We got back 140 that wished to do that.”

According to Daniels, through discussions with the township’s attorney and the Michigan Township Association, he received confirmation that the township could create a special assessment and tax only the people who want the service. However, the township has to make a decision soon in order to place the assessment on the winter property tax rolls, Daniels said.

“We’re hoping to kind of figure out something here pretty soon to find out if it’s going to work,” he said.

Daniels said the board has been working to get prices for trash pickup in the assessment district.

“I’ve been in contact with four garbage companies, and three of them are working on a proposal that we should have here, perhaps by our (Sept. 9) meeting,” he said.

Republic, Waste Management and Sunrise have all responded and are believed to be working on proposals, Daniels said. He said the companies have all said they can offer a lower rate for 140 people than it would cost property owners individually.

“The garbage companies all seem to be willing to give us a pretty good rate if they bill the township for the 140 people,” he said.

By creating the special assessment, Daniels said it will be less expensive for taxpayers in Clayton Township and more convenient for the potential trash collection company.

“The garbage people are much more confident in sending one bill to a township instead of sending a bill to a bunch of different people,” he said.

Daniels added that some people in the township currently have trash pickup services, and according to some survey results, are paying up to $300 for the service.

If a trash pickup special assessment is levied, Daniels said it would be for the length of a contract agreed upon between the township and trash pickup company. He said the interested companies have said they prefer five-year contracts, but will sign on for three-year minimums.


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