Clayton Township may consider ordinance for trash pickup


CLAYTON TWP. — After discussing trash pickup with the township’s attorney, township Supervisor Raymond Daniels said the township may introduce an ordinance rather than create a special assessment district to fund the service.

Clayton Township has been working to provide trash pickup for more than 100 people in the township who have approached the board about the service. Daniels told the Independent earlier this month that since many in the township were not interested in the service, the board considered creating a special assessment.

However, Daniels said the township was running out of time for a special assessment.

“The problem we’re running into a little bit is time,” he said. “In order to get this on the tax roll this year, it was really push comes to shove.”

According to Daniels, the township’s attorney recommended drawing up a health, safety and welfare ordinance. This type of ordinance is different than most, Daniels said, as it is not a law like the typical ordinance, but a way for taxpayers who want garbage pickup to voluntarily sign up for the service.

The ordinance would create an issue for the township, though, Daniels said.

“The problem is we’ve got to send out a bill (with the ordinance),” he said. “The township’s got to send out a bill. The bill would just simply be a yearly bill sent out and due the first part of January if everything falls into place. So you’re paying up front just like you do your taxes. Only instead, the township has to send out a bill and it comes back to us.”

But because the bill would be separate from the winter tax rolls, Daniels said there is still time to pass the ordinance and have the service in place by the beginning of next year. He said he believes the township could pass a resolution for the ordinance in October, and then schedule a public hearing where the ordinance is approved.

Clayton Township has also received prices for trash collection, Daniels said. Three companies — Republic, Waste Management and Sunrise — submitted bids to serve township residents who are interested in the service.

“It appears that we would accept the one from Republic,” Daniels said, adding its bid was the lowest at $10.50 a month per customer.

According to Daniels, with the ordinance in effect, the township would likely include a charge for postage with the bills, bringing the total up to $11 or $12.

“If we’re going to have to send out the bills, we don’t want to have to take that money out of the general fund for the stamps and postage,” he said.

The relationship between the township and the trash pickup company would not be different than with a special assessment or township-wide trash pickup, Daniels added.

Although there is still some work remaining to be done, Daniels said he feels there is a consensus among the board in one aspect of the potential ordinance.

“The thing that I’m not interested in doing, and I don’t think any other board members are either — we’re not going into the collection of the bills,” he said. “Here’s the bill. Here’s the rate. You have to pay it up front.”

Clayton Township’s next board meeting is scheduled for Oct. 14 at 7 p.m.


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