City spends $2,400 on website project


STANDISH — The Standish City Council was busy Thursday night as they approved the project of a brand new city website, by hiring Ohno Design for $2,400.

The Council viewed a presentation from Michael Robb, owner of Bay City multimedia design house about the construction of a new city website.

“We do what is called a ‘content management system.’ It’s more of a publishing system then just a standard website” said Robb. “Once we build the site we can hand it off to the person that is going to run it. The other thing we take care of is making it very searchable.”

The website project will include about two days of photography work in Standish, while it’s expected to take about one month to totally build the city’s new site.

To pay for the site, the city will make an initial $400 down payment, and then pay $200 per month for 10 straight months.

After the website is complete, the city will pay $500 a year for maintenance and hosting, starting a year after the site goes live on the web.

During the meeting, Council members made comments and wondered if the city really needed a new website or any website at all.

Standish resident Hone Phillips stood up in the crowd and said that they do.

“I think the answer is, yes, you do need a website. If I am a big business moving into town, if I look up the city’s website, I would probably go to AuGres,” he said. “Because they (would) have a website.”

Ward No. 1 Council Member Clark Sanford said that first impressions are important.

“He’s right about first impressions,” he said about the possible attractiveness of a new website. “I think in the long run that it would attract business.”

In a phone interview Saturday evening, Robb explained why the site cost $2,400.

“We’re trying to be pretty bare bones for Standish. It’s just a pure labor issue. In general $2,400 is a pretty small site,” said Robb after the city council voted 7-0 in favor of the project on Thursday. “We generally work on sites that are $10,000-$30,000. You guys are definitely on a tight budget up there.”

Robbs also explained that the content management system on the site would allow the city officials to get their message out in a quick way.

“Our goal is to make the site as useful as possible for the city,” he said about the site, which includes unlimited Google e-mail and apps for free. “When the mayor would like to get a message out there, it should be so easy for him to do it no matter what time of day.”


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