City gets new salt truck

$54k from tribe buys the truck

Kevin Drescher
Standish Department of Public Works Superintendent Al Sheppard (far left), stands next to Standish Mayor Mark Winslow (second to left), City Manager Mike Moran (third from left), and the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal Council in front of the city’s new Ford F-450 plow and salt truck. The tribal council gave the city $54,000 last fall for the purchase of the new truck. The new truck will replace the city’s 1985 Mack dump truck.

STANDISH — As many may know, Old Man Winter can be quite mean to the streets of Standish, making driving dangerous.

Drivers in Standish, may have an easier trip down the streets of the city this winter as Standish residents now have a brand new truck to keep their roads clear.

The city is now a the owner of a smaller, but more versatile Ford F-450 dump truck, thanks in part to a grant it received through the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe’s 2 percent revenue sharing cycle last fall.

“The salt truck we ordered was a Ford F-450. We’ve got a 1985 Mack dump style truck that we purchased 10 years ago,” said Standish City Manager Mike Moran about the old used 1985 dump truck that they bought from Bay City about a decade ago. “The tribe gave us $54,000 for it last fall.”

For those who are wondering why the truck is getting here now instead of last year when the city ordered it, Moran said that the truck faced a few problems along the way.

“There were a lot of delays,” he said about the Ford, which was ordered through a Detroit dealership. “The chassis had to be built.”

According to Standish Department of Public Works Superintendent Al Sheppard the truck, which is three yards long and came with a plow, will make it easier to keep the streets of Standish clear of snow even though it is a lot smaller.

“It’s smaller than what we are using now. It’s hard to get around all the alleys and streets with that,” he said about the large old truck. “It’s like a pickup style cab but with a heavy duty frame. In the case of a small city, a smaller truck is better.”


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