City council votes to table recycling


STANDISH — Standish City Council members decided to table a vote on the acceptance of a citywide recycling rewards program, as the issue faced negative feedback from the community in attendance Thursday night.

With Recycling Rewards Government Relations and Sales Associate Dan Garman, along with a representative from Sunrise Disposal in attendance, members of the audience criticized the program that would cost them $11.61 every three months.

The recycling program would equal $46.44 a year, which would be added to residents’ water bills.

“The cost is way too much. I maybe spend $15 a year to recycle and that’s maybe a 50-mile round trip,” said Standish resident Rick Sharp. “Ninety percent of the rewards used to run these programs are worthless to the normal person.”

“We don’t have any set up yet,” Garman said in response.

Sharp then stated again that the rewards are worthless.

City Manager Mike Moran tried to explain some of the benefits of the program, and its potential coupons that could be given to those who recycle.

“Being a city program, we can reach out to them,” he said about the possibility of reaching out to Standish area businesses, including the mention of a theater and skating rink in the Tri-Cities. “We have a lot of business that we believe will have an interest.”

Sharp then wondered aloud about how the rewards would help senior citizens in the area.

“That’s a prime example of worthlessness. I haven’t been to a theater in years or a skating rink,” he said. “What about senior citizens when we’re gone for the winter? We’re already paying for rubbish collection.”

Mayor Mark Winslow gave his thoughts about is the status of the issue.

“I am not prepared to make a decision tonight,” he said.

Council member Ed Reno said that he thought the cost will be too much for the community.

Though Sharp voiced his displeasure for the program, he did say that he is for recycling.

“If you can control the drop-off point, you can still get rewards,” he about the city having a separate program, without Recycling Rewards included. “What I am looking at is a recycling program, which is a good thing, but at a lower cost.”

Winslow said that would take Garman and his program out of the picture.

“That’s OK. There are still ways you can be green,” he said. “I don’t want to worry about a clean place for my three kids.”


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