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Every time graduation rolls around, I can’t help but get nostalgic. I wish I could remember every minute of my graduation back in 2005.

High school seemed to go so fast, and before I knew it I was in a cap and gown, walking across the stage, smiling ear to ear as I received my diploma. I’m sure there were some tears shed, but I don’t remember them.

I don’t remember the speaker or the songs that were played, but I remember the people who were there. Not everyone, but the people who were around me –– my classmates and friends.

I was fortunate enough to graduate from a small high school, so everyone knew everyone. If you needed anything, there was always someone there to help.

As I walked across the stage, I didn’t think about the future and going off to college, I thought about the people around me and when I would see them again.

Which brings me to this year’s graduating class. I cannot tell you how many times I hear, “I can’t wait to be done with this place,” or “I can’t wait to leave, because I am never coming back.”

Well kids, a couple years down the road, you may find yourself wishing you could go back and relive everything –– just to have a couple more days with your friends.

Sure, you might go to college with a couple of people with whom you went to high school –– but the times you had in high school with them, you never get them back. So hold onto those memories, and if you say you are going to keep in touch, do it.

And as you venture off into the unknown, always remember to keep your dreams alive.

When I first left for college I wanted to be an elementary teacher. Eight years later I majored in recreation, parks and leisure and obtained a master’s in sports administration, dreaming about the day I would be able to work for the Detroit Tigers.

Here I am, 26 years old, still dreaming about the day I make it in the majors.

No matter how small or big your dream is, if you believe with all your heart that you will accomplish it one day, you will. And always follow your heart.

This is something I wish I would have done more of. Many opportunities passed because I was too scared to take a chance on something that could have been great. But then again, these are all regrets, and no one should ever have any regrets.

So Class of 2013, congratulations on your accomplishments, and as you prepare for your next adventure, remember to dream big and follow your heart –– because you never know what kind of greatness will come from it.


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