February 27, 2017

Caulfield and Elmer named king and queen at Au Gres-Sims

Tim Barnum
The 2013 homecoming king and queen for Au Gres-Sims are Ryan Caulfield and Rita Elmer.
Tim Barnum
Rita Elmer is given a sash and tiara after winning homecoming queen.
Tim Barnum
Ryan Caulfield receives his sash and scepter after he is announced as the homecoming king.
Tim Barnum
Dylan Schutte and Gillian Farver wave to the crowd as the ride into the halftime show.
Tim Barnum
Luke Gibes and Brooke Maser were the 2013 junior class reps.
Tim Barnum
Freshman class reps Cody Gordon and Kaylee Miller ride into the football stadium during halftime of the game.
Tim Barnum
Court members Brett Maser and Rita Elmer pose for a photo as they wait to see who won homecoming king and queen.
Tim Barnum
Carley Overstreet and Bret Hively, seniors, smile as they anticipate the king and queen announcement.
Tim Barnum
Seniors Ryan Caulfield and Kaylin Chesney take their place on the field before the king and queen are announced.
Tim Barnum
Seniors Derek Wiess and Mariah Dewyer await the announcement of the homecoming king and queen.
Tim Barnum
AGS’ 2012 queen and king Alyssa Swartz and Tyler Wilcox wave to parade spectators.
Tim Barnum
Children rush out to scoop up some candy.
Tim Barnum
Batman and the Joker ride along on the senior float.
Tim Barnum
Super Man pins down the hale mascot on the junior float.
Tim Barnum
Spider-Man wraps up a Hale fan in his web on the sophomores’ float.
Tim Barnum
The Incredible Hulk puts the squeeze on the Hale Eagle on the freshman class’ parade float.
Tim Barnum
The middle school’s parade float included a different wolverine than people are used to seeing at Au Gres-Sims.
Tim Barnum
The Au Gres-Sims cheerleaders walk down US-23, leading spectators in cheers as they go.
Tim Barnum
AGS football players riding in the back of a pickup get the parade crowd pumped up for the game.
Tim Barnum
Siena Anthony, 10 and Regan Senchez, 7, apply fake tattoos they won at the carnival as they wait for the parade to begin.
Tim Barnum
Hampton Steelman tries to make the ball in a bucket.
Tim Barnum
Darin Shillair and Sawyer Forton do battle in the sumo ring.
Tim Barnum
Corrin Swaffield and Haley Lynch shoot baskets in a carnival game.
Tim Barnum
Hailey Kauffman, 5, bounces down the large inflatable slide.
Tim Barnum
Laine Nixon, 1, tries to find the duck he likes the most.
Tim Barnum
Maddy Moeller, 4, screams as she flies down the slide at the end of the obstacle course.
Tim Barnum
Kayden Skacal, 5, has her face painted by Mariah Dewyer.
Tim Barnum
Arden Torgusen gives 3-year-old Benjamin Schnettler’s face a yellow and maroon paint job.
Tim Barnum
Jordan Little, 12, and Zach DeWald, 12, race through the obstacle course.
Tim Barnum
Tyler Steenburgh, 13, throws a dart toward a wall of balloons.
Tim Barnum
Nathan Cluckey, 12, tries his hand at the ring toss as carnival volunteers Kara Caulfield looks on.

Ryan Caulfield and Rita Elmer were named the 2013 Au Gres-Sims homecoming king and queen Friday, Oct. 4. The announcement was made during halftime of the Wolverines' game against Hale, and was just part of the homecoming celebration on Friday. The party got started after school with a carnival that featured several inflatables and games. After the carnival was wrapped up, US-23 in Au Gres was shut down and a parade was held.


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