Car drives into deli injuring Standish-Sterling Central principal



PINCONNING — Roger Fritz says he is happy to be in one piece.

The Standish-Sterling Central High School principal was injured after a car drove into the Third Street Station causing Fritz to be struck by part of a wall.

The incident occurred at approximately 12:15 Thursday, Sept. 16, at the deli, which is located at 305 S. Mable St. in Pinconning.

According to Standish-Sterling Community Schools Superintendent Michael Dodge, Fritz and four students from the Standish-Sterling Community Schools Interact Club were attending a meeting of the Northern Bay and Arenac Rotary Club.

Dodge said that an elderly woman drove her car through the wall where Fritz was sitting.

Fritz said the meeting was under way when he heard a big bang and went flying in the air.

“I was lying on the ground and looked back and could see the car,” he said.

Fritz was taken to Bay Regional Medical Center where he was released later that afternoon.

He said he is home resting and will be back to school Monday.

“I will be back to school Monday, and I will be in church on Sunday,” Fritz said. “Who would have ever thought that you could be hit by a car while sitting in the restaurant?”

Dodge said he was running late and on his way to the meeting when the accident occurred.

“He is a tough guy,” Dodge said. “He was advised to lay down on a back board.”

He added that one 11th-grade female student also went to the hospital with an injury to her knee and another female student was emotionally stressed. Two male students had their parents contacted and were taken back to the school.

“I am glad that the students were fine,” Dodge said.

Co-owner of the Third Street Station Michael Jaques said he was running the till when he heard a loud bang.

“We hear a lot of stuff here next to the highway,” he said. “I did not think anything of it.”

He said when he saw people filing out, he went to see what the issue was. When he saw the damage, Jaques said the woman had already backed her car away from the wall.

Jaques said he went to check on the woman before returning inside where he said Fritz was walking around.

Jaques said that the building has major constructional issues.

“We are staying open, but there is work to do,” he said.


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