Baseball reunion honors local hall-of-famers


OMER — The Northeastern Michigan Baseball League (NEMBL), which included teams from Saginaw to Alpena during its 70 year run from 1916 – 1986, is having its annual reunion and hall-of-fame induction on July 19 in the NEMBL museum, located in Ye Olde Courthouse in Omer.

According to Bob Pelton, reunion coordinator, six players from the now-defunct league will be inducted into its hall-of-fame during the reunion, which includes a dinner for $12. The players are Larry Doyle, Pat Erickson, Jerry Baker, John O’Keefe, Scott Pickvet and Tom LeClair.

But besides remembering the former 52-team league, 112 free tickets to a Detroit Tigers game, donated by the Tigers’ organization, will also be given away to those in attendance.

The reunion banquet and presentation starts at 1 p.m. on Sunday.


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