BREAKING NEWS: Board imposes contract on Steelworkers

ARENAC COUNTY — It looks like the County Board of Commissioners and the county’s Steelworkers’ Union have a contract, whether the union likes it or not.

“We have advised the Steelworkers that we are going to implement our last offer,” said Arenac County Labor Relation Manager Bill Borushko. “Rather than continue to drag this out … the Board felt it was their right under Michigan law to impose that (contract).

“The representation had to know it was coming. I don’t know if the employees did.”

Borushko says the three-year union contract calls for a $525 lump sum to be paid to all Steelworkers’ Union members this year with a two-percent increase each of the next two years.

But the union members aren’t happy about it.
“Our union, I would say, is the lowest paid,” said Local Steelworkers President Norma Curcio. “We feel that we want equity with what the board [is] doing with other departments.

“We realize the economy is bad, but every year we’re getting more work that comes down on us,” she added. “We are the clerks. We are the people that do the daily work in these offices.”

Curcio said other departments had received raises of $750 and when those departments receive two-percent raises, the percentages are higher because, Curcio alleges, the Steelworkers employees are paid less.

Read the whole story in the Nov. 5 edition of "The Arenac County Independent."


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