BOC approves 2009 Salary Resolution


ARENAC COUNTY — On Monday, Dec. 22 the Arenac County Board of Commissioners approved the 2009 Salary Resolution in a 4-1 vote with Commissioner Joseph Sancimino casting the dissenting vote.

In light of a report conducted by the Compensation Committee, a group of volunteer citizens from Arenac County, the board initially discussed a $750 raise for full-time officials and $375 for part-time officials, but decided a raise of $550/$275 was more reasonable in lieu of the economic times.

According to Arenac County Board of Commissioners Chairman Raymond Daniels, the Compensation Committee surveyed 10 counties with taxable bases similar to Arenac County. The report revealed Arenac County was in the middle of the pack in comparison to the other counties in total dollars spent on elected officials, although when compared to the rate of pay for individual positions, Arenac County ranked almost last in every position, he says.

“We (Arenac County) have two more positions than all but two of the counties,” Daniels said. “And out of the four counties with all the same positions, we’re last.

“The Compensation Committee’s take on all of this was ‘in order to attract good people, you have to pay the position.’ So that’s part of the reason we decided to give a raise despite economic troubles. They (Compensation Committee) did a good job and we thank them for it.”

Sancimino was firm in his stance on elected officials not receiving a raise during negotiations regarding the 2009 salary resolution.

“These officials ran for office, ran for a salary,” Sancimino said. “They knew what they were getting paid before they ran. Then we turn around and give them a raise after we declined to raise the Boards’ salaries? No.

I can’t justify giving them a raise when we’re so hard-pressed for money in times like this. We (Board of Commissioners) didn’t take a raise and so neither should they.”

Daniels says other appointed non-union officials received the same raise of $550/$275.

“It’s comparable to what union employees received,” Daniels said.


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