AuGres native finds success with Air Force



KOREA — AuGres native Stacy Beem has seen the world as a member of the United States Air Force.

A 2006 graduate of AuGres-Sims High School, Beem joined the Air Force in March 2007.

“Before joining the military, I had really never been out of Michigan,” she said.

Beem said that coming from AuGres has helped shape her into the person she is today, but getting out and seeing the world has expanded her horizons.

“Coming from a small town I was extremely sheltered,” she said. “I thought I was pretty mature, (having) a job since I was 14 and paying my own bills, but I learn something new every day. I have grown up so much from being in the real world outside of Au Gres and experiencing new things.”

Experiencing new things is exactly what Beem has done. She is currently on assignment in the Republic of Korea at Osan Air Base. She said that being a member of the Air Force has led her to places she may have never seen.

“Being in the military has afforded me the opportunity to see the world for my job,” she said. “I’ve also been able to take leave to see cool places as well. While here, I went to Beijing, China, for five days, and I have all kinds of plans for when I am in Europe.”

Beem said that she is a medical material journeyman, and added that her job is a medical supply technician that has been through some upgraded training. She said her group orders, receives, delivers, and manages all medical supplies and equipment for a medical treatment facility.

“I am at the second of four skill levels I can obtain in my job,” she said. “My job is split in about six different sections. Everyone does their job, and it intertwines to complete a given mission.”

But Beem does not just work at Osan AB, she said that she has got the chance to compete in sports as a member of the Air Force. Taking her to places like Dayton, Ohio, and Las Vegas, Nev.

“I have played softball and basketball with the base varsity teams for the whole time I have been in (the Air Force),” she said. “The varsity teams travel and compete with other bases, local colleges or leagues.”

Beem said that when she was stationed in Northern California, her team traveled to Las Vegas four times and played in a tournament in Hawaii.

“When we went to Hawaii, we took a military space available flight,” she said. “We played four games in nine days. Not a bad gig.”

Beem said that while stationed at Osan AB, she helps support the Republic of Korea in case North Korea decides to invade.

“We have exercises four to eight times a year, if anything should ever happen,” she said. “It is a one year remote tour here, so most everyone is here without their family and are afforded the chance to go home for a few weeks in the middle of their tour.”

Beem said she plans to retire from the Air Force someday.

“After 20 years in the military, you can retire with medical benefits for the rest of your life and you get paid 50 percent of whatever rank you retire as,” she said “So, I for sure want to do my 20 (years), but I am not sure I will do more than that. I will probably retire when it stops being fun.”


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