AuGres Women in Business to close up shop



AUGRES — After five years in existence, AuGres Women in Business President Josie Meyer said the group would be disbanding.

Meyer, the owner of Whitestone Pointe Cabins, said the women that comprise the group all are very busy running their respective businesses, leaving no time for them to perform the tasks necessary to run the group.

“We all work hard in the summer,” said Meyer. “That’s really the time that people need us to be working. We’ve decided we’ve done all we could for the community.”

Meyer said at the group’s peak, about 16-20 women took part in the club’s activities. However, she said recently, that number has dwindled to about eight.

“People just get busy, and life goes on,” she said.

Nonetheless, Meyer said the group did a lot of positive things for the community. Among those things, Meyer said, was the group’s most recent event, Comedy Night, in which the proceeds were evenly distributed and donated to the AuGres Christian Charities and to the Arenac County Historical Museum.

Meyer said the women in the group took turns hosting meetings at their own homes. She said one person would come up with an idea for an event and chair that particular event, while other people would help her.

“We were really successful in what we were doing,” she said.

Meyer said, while the group is no longer in existence, if someone in the community were willing to start a similar group in the future, she would provide them with the necessary information and stationery.


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