Au Gres Township ditching bids being opened Oct. 1


Au GRES TWP. — The Arenac County Road Commission will open bids for ditching projects on Manor and Crawford roads Oct. 1 at 2 p.m.

Au Gres Township Supervisor Chester Pawlaczyk said the township is funding the project with road millage monies. He said Crawford Road would see the first improvements after a bid is awarded.

“We’re starting on the east side of (US) 23 at the far end, where it’s really bad on Crawford Road,” he said. “Before we can start building it up we’ve got to get some good drainage in there.”

Approximately a half-mile of Crawford Road will have ditch work done, Pawlaczyk said. When it comes to Manor Road, approximately 1,500 feet will be ditched, and on that stretch, drainage is desperately needed, he added.

“Water goes right over it,” he said.

Pawlaczyk said Manor Road will be worked on east of Hale Road. Both of the roads are gravel, he added.

Potential bidders can submit bids to the road commission up until the bid opening.

The road millage being used to fund the project was approved by Au Gres Township voters in November 2012, according to Pawlaczyk. He said it will raise about $40,000 a year annually and be levied for four years. Funds collected from the millage have also been used to work on Gordon Road and Nearman Road, Pawlaczyk said.

That work included digging down eight inches and placing mats made out of a rubber-like material down on the road, and then putting new gravel on top of the mats.

“You put gravel on roads and eventually it just wears out,” he said. “This is a new experiment and hopefully it keeps the crown up on the road.”


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