Au Gres IGA closed


Updated Oct. 30, 3:41 p.m.              Au GRES — The Au Gres IGA store abruptly closed its doors Oct. 24, seemingly permanently.

            Store manager Kim Scott issued no comment beyond the store being closed. The store’s owner, Rex Harcourt, declined to issue a statement at press time.

            Pat Holland, who owns the IGA property, said he had not heard anything other than a phone call Oct. 24 letting him know the store was closing.

            “I haven’t heard anything from them since,” Holland said. “But they’ve taken all their merchandise out, though they left the equipment.”

            “They always knew it was kind of a seasonal store,” he added. “They just closed and walked out.”

            Holland said the store still owed some money on back taxes.

            Judy Bilacic, owner of the Beauty Shop attached to the Au Gres IGA property, said the store’s closure would not affect her business, and added the Beauty Shop would continue to remain open.

            The store was founded in October of 2006 at the site of Carter’s Foods. Since then Harcourt and his partner Tom Robinson opened IGA stores in Shepherd and Charlotte.

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