At times I just can’t be pleased



I hate driving on crumbling, pothole-laced, bumpy roads. It feels like every bolt on my car is coming loose at the same time, and in a matter of seconds I will be sitting in the driver’s seat with no car around me.

But even more, I think, I hate road construction. Don’t get me wrong. When a road project is done, and I am coasting along a freshly-paved, newly-reconstructed road, I am happy.

While the project is under way, however, that is a completely different story.

I get frustrated when I have to change my usual route. The South Valley Street project was infuriating to me. Every time I wanted to go to the other end of town, Hamburger Hill as it is called, I had to stay on the main road, never being able to take the back way, which is always less dense with traffic.

Now, with Third Street in the middle of reconstruction, I can never go straight through the light on the corner of Houghton Avenue and Third Street, or use the light to my advantage when trying to make my way to South Valley Street, or back to work from the Hill.

When it comes to road construction, I just can’t be pleased until the construction is completely wrapped up.

You know those people who gripe about the freezing temperatures in winter, only to complain equally as much when summer comes and it warms up?

That’s how I am with road construction. I can’t stand the deteriorated roads. I also have little patience when it comes to waiting for someone emblazoned in an orange vest to turn a sign informing me to “stop” or go “slow.”

Before writing this column, I tried to find other areas where I have this similar “can’t please” attitude. I came up empty.

Take the weather for example. In the summer, you might hear me say “It’s so hot outside today.” However, you would be hard pressed to hear me say “It’s too hot.”

I might say “It’s too hot to (fill in the blank)” when I don’t want to do something outside, but you won’t hear me flatly say “It’s too hot.”

In the winter, though, I’ll whine, complain and curse every time I step out into the blistery, single-digit world. Having to leave the warm confines of my home or workplace becomes a burden I am not willing to bear, and only do so out of necessity.

I guess I should keep my eyes on the prize, and remember that in the end, the road projects surrounding me at work will give me plenty of miles of fresh, smooth roadways. Or, I could also start remembering what is going on around me before I am starting to turning toward a huge white and orange striped sign reading “Road closed to thru traffic.”

Of course, there is the option to just keep treating roads and road construction the way I do now.

Actually, that seems pretty easy.


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