Arenac Township passes motion to implement garbage pick-up


ARENAC TOWNSHIP — Sunrise Disposal will begin collection services in Arenac Township starting Jan. 1, 2010, after the township board voted to select the handler for trash collection during its Nov. 5 meeting.

According to Township Treasurer Michelle Mackenzie, the service will cost residents of the township approximately $113 annually and the agreement is for three years.

However, the method the board used to arrive at its decision to introduce trash pick-up has raised some concern in the township.

Township Supervisor Jim Daly said the township board sent out surveys with tax bills in 2007 and 2008, asking residents to return the surveys selecting either “yes” or “no” for garbage collection. But unreturned surveys were where residents’ concerns started to surface.

“It was worded that if they did not respond, their vote would count as ‘yes,’” Daly said.

The vote registered as 733 yes to 194 no.

But because unreturned surveys were counted as a yes vote, resident Glen Rice said the survey results don’t tell the whole story.

“We don’t know how many people were for it,” he said.

And because there are only 701 registered voters in Arenac Township, per the Arenac County Clerk’s office, and since the number of definite yes votes in unknown, Rice said he is hoping an official vote on the subject can be taken.

“I’ve submitted four petitions of referendum,” Rice said, adding these, if approved at the county level, would force a township-wide vote on the matter of trash pick-up.

He added one petition has been tentatively approved.

In other news in Arenac Township, the board also passed a blight amendment to be added to the township ordinance Thursday, as well as selecting snow removal bids and ramp removal bids.


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