Arenac Eastern graduate publishes children’s book



FREDRICK, Md. — Linda Johnson has always wanted to write a book.

With the help of her 12-year-old granddaughter, Skyler Dawson, that dream has become a reality.

Johnson said she was bringing some cheese over to her daughter’s home in Lowell when Dawson noticed the logo for the Tuner Cheese Company.

“I told Skyler, ‘we should think of a name and an adventure for this little guy’ and within 15 minutes she had story and pictures,” she said. “This whole thing really happened out of the blue.”

With that Mike the Mouse was born.

Johnson said, with the inspiration of Dawson, she wrote a children’s book titled, “The Adventures of Mike the Mouse,” which has been published by Outskirts Press Inc. of Denver, Co.

“I always wanted to write and publish a book,” she said. “It was on my ‘bucket list.’”

The process of getting the book published took Johnson a year, she said, adding that although the process was challenging it was “fulfilling.”

“This is something I did not think I would be able to do,” she said. “The process was stressful but exciting.”

Johnson said that 25 percent of the creation of a book is the writing part; she said that the other 75 percent is about marketing.

“The marketing is the hardest part,” she said.

Johnson said that the inspiration for Mike the Mouse was that of Dawson.

“When I told her (Mike the Mouse) was being made into a book she was ecstatic,” Johnson said. “(Skyler) said it was ‘awesome!’”

“The Adventures of Mike the Mouse” is the first in a series, and Johnson said the next book will be all of Dawson’s ideas.

“There are endless ideas for stories,” she said. “We can write forever.”

Johnson said that her family loved the book.

“The feedback from my family has been encouraging,” she said. “They all think that this is wonderful.”

Johnson’s grandfather, Louis Peterson, began the Tuner Cheese Company, and her brother David Peterson currently runs the company located in Whittemore.

“This book is a tribute to my family,” she said. “We have been in the cheese-making business for a long time.”

Born in AuGres, Johnson moved to Turner around the age of five and graduated from Arenac Eastern. She lived in Houghton Lake with her husband before moving to Maryland two years ago to work for Harris Teeter Foods.

“The Adventures of Mike the Mouse” is available online and in e-reader form. Johnson said she is proud of the work she put it to the creation of the book.

“To see it in print after all of that hard work makes the process worth it,” she said.


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