February 9, 2016

Arenac Choraleer Concert

Posted 12/15/10

I just want to take this moment to share a wonderful experience that I had Sunday night. As the snow blowed and the winds howled, and while people were bunkered down in their homes, my husband and I traveled out to the Standish Central High School to hear the Arenac Choraleers. I have never heard these talented people sing beore. What a beautiful thing this was for such a terrible night. These people gave a performance that truly moved me.

As their voices sang out the Christmas Carols, you could not help but smile or tap your feet. Rev. Chisholm, even though I speak no polish or understand it, the song you sang after working on it for two years, brought tears to my eyes. Simply beautiful. Thank you Herbert Fisk for inviting us to our first and hopefully not last concert.

If anyone has never experience this group of people, do so. My calendar will be marked for their upcoming events. What a wonderful way to start out my Holidays.

Thank you again.

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