Area townships prepare millages for August ballot


ARENAC COUNTY — Residents of five Arenac County townships will be facing millage renewals and additions when they go to vote in August, in addition to two countywide millages, and one school millage.

Arenac Township residents will get to decide on whether or not they want a 1-mill road millage. The millage would go toward road upkeep and repair.

Au Gres Township is going to have two millages on the ballot: one to finance the suppression of mosquitoes for two years at 1.5 mills, and another for road ditching work, at 1 mill for four years.

According to Au Gres Township Clerk Michael Oxley, the township has a 1-mill mosquito suppression millage, but it is not generating enough money to cover the cost of spraying.

“One mill only generates approximately $42,000,” Oxley said. “Our bill for aerial spraying in the spring was $48,000, which is why we went for the increase.”

Oxley said the ditching millage was something the township board has been discussing for a couple years now. The money would go toward dredging and clearing out roadside ditches throughout the township, which would help prevent flooding problems that can plague the township during spring thaws and heavy rains.

Clayton Township residents will have the opportunity to renew a 1-mill road millage for five years. According to Clayton Township Clerk Ronald Klamerus, the money goes toward graveling and upgrading roads.

“We try to do at least a mile a year,” Klamerus said.

Sims Township residents have three millages on the August ballot. Two are four-year millage renewals at 1 mill each, to suppress and destroy gypsy moths and mosquitoes. The third is a 0.5-mill proposal for road repair and upkeep, which would run for four years.

Whitney Township also has a 1.5-mill road millage on the ballot. Whitney Township Supervisor Francis Semenick said the millage would run for four years and provide funds to repair and maintain roads operated by the township.

“We’ve had requests largely from constituents,” Semenick said. “They want to see more work on the roads, and we need more money to do that. So, we decided to put it up to the public.”

“We’ll let the public make a decision on this,” he added.

Residents in the Standish-Sterling School District also will have the opportunity to renew an 18-mill, non homestead millage for 10 years. That millage would only apply to non homestead property, which includes businesses, hunting lands, and other commercial property.

A countywide, four-year road patrol millage renewal, for 1 mill, will also be on the August ballot. The millage finances operation costs, vehicle purchases, maintenance, and officer wages. A countywide library millage renewal for .49 mills is also going to be on the ballot.



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