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AuGRES — Many golfers go their whole lives without sinking a hole in one, but a pair of golfers at Knoll View Golf Course in AuGres have conquered the feat multiple times–in a spectacular fashion.

Golfers Arlie Compeau, of AuGres, and Steve Clontz, of Flint, have seven holes in one between them, but it’s the last four aces that seem the most remarkable.

Compeau, who made his first hole in one June 12, managed to repeat the feat a month later—to the day.

Compeau said he has been golfing for over 40 years, and until June 12 had never scored an ace.

“He went hog nuts when he scored that first ace,” Clontz said with a laugh.

“I actually thought it was going to be short,” Compeau said. “But Steve (Clontz) told me, ‘It’s good, it’s good.’”

Compeau, who made the shot on the par-3 11th hole at Knoll View, said the ball took a couple of bounces and dropped into the cup.

“It was just nuts,” he said. “I told everyone, ‘Let’s go to the bar, I’m buying.’”

Exactly one month later, on July 12, magic struck again on the 11th hole at Knoll View, as Compeau watched another shot find the cup from 110 yards out.

Compeau said he used a 60-degree wedge for his first ace and a pitching wedge for his second.

“My friend Larry Robinson and I were playing for (25 cents) a hole at the time,” he said. “I watched the shot the whole way again; it took one bounce and went right in. I went crazy again.”

As amazing as Compeau’s story is, he said Clontz’s is just as amazing.

“This story is unreal,” Compeau said.

Clontz, who has recorded five holes in one, all at Knoll View, said he has been golfing for over 30 years.

“My friend and I began golfing in 1979 when I was working for Buick in Flint,” he said. “We won our league that year and I have been hooked ever since.”

Clontz said he was golfing on the opening night of his Tuesday night men’s league at Knoll View on May 4, 2010 when he scored an ace on the par-3 second hole.

“I hit an 8-iron and (the ball) took one bounce and went in for my fourth ever hole in one,” he said.

A year and a day later, on May 5, 2011, Clontz said he was again playing during the opening night of his Tuesday night men’s league when he and his partner approached the second hole.

“We were playing against our same opponents,” he said. “I took my tee shot, and everyone said, ‘That looks really good.’ The ball did the same thing that it did a year prior: one bounce and in.

“The same hole, same opponents, same league; the only difference was that I used a 7-iron rather than an 8-iron.”

Clontz said the people he was playing with were just as shocked as he was.

“One guy even said he thought he was standing in the same exact spot,” Clontz said.

Clontz said if the same thing happens again in 2012, he will “fly a space shuttle to the moon.”

“This thing, this year, was special,” he said.

Compeau said both luck and skill come into play when a person scores a hole in one.

“I would say that it’s 40 percent skill and 60 percent luck,” he said. “You have to have skill to play this game, there is no doubt about that. But you have to have some luck on your side.”

Clontz said he is not one to believe luck is a factor.

“I truly believe that things happen for a reason,” he said. “I knew this year, when this happened the way it did, that this is not luck. This is a reward for sowing good seed somewhere down the line.”

Compeau said he never used to approach a par 3 thinking he was going to have a shot at a hole in one.

“I always just wanted to get it close,” he said. “Now, well, now I feel like the sky is the limit.”

Clontz said he was fortunate to be able to score his first hole in one, and other shots kept coming for him. He added that his first ace came one month after his father passed away.

Compeau‘s second hole in one, on July 12, was scored on his mother’s birthday.

“I think someone up there has been watching over us,” he said.

Both Compeau and Clontz said there is something special about scoring a hole in one.

“It’s an unbelievable feeling,” Compeau said.


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