And we’re off… part two: my California experience and journey home


After I landed in Los Angeles, I anxiously waited for the flight attendants to give us the okay to get off the plane.

I jumped to my feet, bag in hand and waited for the rest of the people filling the aisle to move. I couldn’t take it, they were all so slow! I was ready to jump the seats, push everyone down and just get off the plane!

Finally, people started filing off. I raced off the plane and into the airport, searching for my brother Tim and the baggage claim. After grabbing my bag and meeting up with my brother, we were off to sit in traffic (which L.A. is famous for).

When we arrived at the loft, I dropped off my stuff and we walked around downtown so I could pick up a few things that I couldn’t take on the plane. When we got back all I wanted to do was rest, since it had been such a long day, but I had to remember it was only morning there still.

After a short rest, I started getting ready to go with Tim to pick up his roommates, Jason and Ryan, from school. But since I was taking too long (according to Tim, Jason and Ryan) they had a friend from school bring them back instead.

I was happy with that because it gave me a little bit more time to relax.

Once Jason and Ryan got home, it was up to the rooftop, where we could see all of downtown L.A. It really was an awesome view — you could see everything from there.

Being a fan of the television show “The O.C.,” I was excited to get out and see all that I could, and the rest of the day was spent driving around seeing things around Los Angeles. We drove past Paramount Pictures on Melrose Avenue and out to Hollywood.

I was excited to get out and walk around on Melrose, stopping in a sunglass shop because of their two for $15 deal and finding treasures in an old vintage shop. (I didn’t find anything there, but ask Tim about the sweet denim vest he found!)

After the vintage shop we headed to Hollywood Boulevard, where the Walk of Fame lines the street and the Hollywood sign overlooks the city. It was neat to see the stars and just be a part of the atmosphere.

The streets were lined with people; not knowing what was going on, we kept walking. It wasn’t until we were waiting to cross the street that we realized the Chinese Theater was roped off for some sort of event.

As we waited to cross the street, we looked up above the theater at a billboard for Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie, “J. Edgar,” and realized that the event at the Chinese Theater was the premiere! Everyone was waiting to see Leo exit his limo. One person even had a die cast model of the Titanic for him.

Fighting our way through the crowd, we crossed over to the next street. It was definitely interesting seeing all the different stars, and things taking place right in front of me.

Making our way back to the car, it was time to head home, and boy was I exhausted!

Friday, I spent the day cleaning the loft. I was supposed to go to a job with the boys, but since it was raining, I didn’t feel like waiting around for four hours not doing anything.

Once I finished cleaning, I decided to walk a couple blocks to the Macy’s Plaza. It was nice to get out of the loft. Tim and the boys lived next to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, which was neat because Lauren from “The Hills” went to school there. (Yes, I admit I used to watch that, and “Laguna Beach”!)

Later that night we went down to L.A. Live for dinner – this is where the Nokia Theater and Staples Center are located. It was awesome to see everything lit up, and the Staples Center looked so cool in the midst of everything.

We ended up at a place called Lucky Strike for dinner. I would never go back; the service was horrible! They forgot our friend Ryan’s dinner and never came back to refill our drinks… The list goes on and on.

I understand they were busy, but it was just ridiculous! Even the manager was bad. But then again, that is my opinion.

Saturday morning we headed down to Chinatown. We didn’t spend a lot of time there, but it was still neat to see everything.

The rest of the day was spent watching Jason and Ryan’s friends film Doritos commercials for the Super Bowl contest. I never realized the process it took to make a commercial until now. The littlest sound can mess everything up and make them redo the shoot.

The trip was definitely an experience!

I would like to go back and visit when I have more time to do things, but the little bit of California I got to see was enough for now. I’m just glad to be back in Michigan.

Thanks to my Spice Girls station on Pandora, the trip back went smoothly. There were some minor setbacks, like turning the wrong way to get on the highway, snow in Albuquerque and trying to sleep at a truck stop only to have three bums walk past…

Little things like that.

I just wish I would have taken more pictures. I think I left with two total, and one was of Chuck Norris’s star on Hollywood Boulevard. Oh well –– maybe on my next trip out there!



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It sounds like you had a fun packed time out there Sherry. You can never do everything in just one trip. Plan ahead for the next visit. Welcome 'home'.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 | Report this

Yes indeed, GO BACK! Where else can you go to the Mohave Desert, ski at Big Bear or MT. High, hit the LA traffic & the smog on your way back to the beach all in one day. No seriously, I lived and worked in southern California for ten years, there is lots to see & do. Do plan it out as mentioned before and you won't be sorry. Whether it be museums, zoos, aquariums, shopping, the mountains & the beaches or the national parks, you will enjoy it! One of my favorite places is a town called Julian east of San Diego in the mountains. They grow apples up there and fresh cider & pies in the fall.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 | Report this

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