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During the Beijing Olympics, there were great athletic triumphs as Michael Phelps dominated the pool, eight times, and U.S. Basketball, softball and volleyball teams showed how truly amazing our athletes can be when they face the best the world has to offer.

But these games proved one thing Americans should be prouder of even more than our athletes – our culture.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. We’re not as smart as the world. We’re not as tolerant as the world. We’re not as sophisticated as the world.

Wrong, wronger and wrongest.

This all became clear very early in the events when Chinese officials pulled the old smoking mirror trick and had a “cute” Chinese nine year-old lip synch the country’s national anthem while a seven year-old girl deemed “not cute enough” really sang it.

Congratulations China, you’ve come a long way. In fact, you’ve come so far that you even treat young girls with respect in these modern days. Enough respect to assimilate them into your gymnastics program at age three and allow them one phone call home per year.

And on a side note, there’s no way some of those Chinese girls were 16. I’ve seen big toddlers who were taller than some of the Chinese gymnasts.

But China, don’t worry. You weren’t the biggest heels of all. No, that title would belong to Spain, especially the Espana basketball team (which includes two NBA players and one who will playing here soon).

The Spain players, from a country that thinks of itself as sophisticated and advanced, were so politically correct that they felt it was “good-natured” to pose for an advertisement promoting the team in a Spanish newspaper or something with their fingers pulling back their eyes, making them slanted, an obvious joke about Asians.

Wow Spain. Really?

People can say what they want about this country. I know everyone in Europe pretty much hates our President (and just so you know, I’m not sticking up for the guy), but maybe instead of making jokes and talking about us “dirty Americans,” you should fix your own country.

Now I know what someone’s going to say – “It’s just their culture, it’s different than ours.”

Of course it is. Different enough that during soccer games, they’ve been known to chant “monkey” towards black players.

Yep. That’s sophistication. But the worst part of this whole ordeal is that no one is reprimanding them. Jason Kidd, a point guard from the American basketball team said it best when he told reporters there was a double standard and if a U.S. Basketball player would have done that, we’d be booted right from the games.

He’s right we would. And Americans would be smart enough to know we deserved it. But we’d also be tolerant enough to know it wasn’t good natured or funny. Plus, we’d be sophisticated enough never to do it in the first place.

And China, we’ve had Roseanne Barr sing our National Anthem before, very badly at that. So don’t tell me that the other girl wasn’t cute enough. That’s just sick.

So no matter how far these other countries have caught up, or surpassed us economically, intellectually or technologically, it’s clear they are years behind when it comes to the common sense of the common person.


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